Some things you may have noticed: Pretty much no updates since LAST YEAR. This is a function of several things: 1) I dropped off the face of the earth to start a new job in January and moved into a new apartment in Crown Heights, Brooklyn 2) This is pretty much a one-woman show 3) I need some major help from current BG PCVs (and RPCVs- I know you're out there) to send me news, photos, and anything else of interest to let the world know about what's going on in that part of the world. It's funny (and sad) how disconnected we RPCVs get after we return to the US. The last time I was in BG was the summer of 2010 but it seems much longer than that. It was depressing to not have any Martenitsi to pass out on March 1st and no flowers on International Woman's Day. I only realized it was that day because there was some sort of protest on women's rights in Africa happening in City Hall Park that day- which reminded me of the holiday in BG. Now that Easter is rolling around, I remember how I used to dye eggs with my Bulgarian and fellow PCV friends during my service and how the American egg dyes suck compared to the ones they have in BG (stock up while you can). 

I'm ever so slowly trying to emerge from my daily NYC routine to breathe some life into our "Friends" group, but I really really need your help out there. Send me a note, an email, a suggestion. Any and all are welcome. Also, if you happen to be in NYC at the end of May- let's go see Bulgare! Lyudmil and I will be there (Finkster, you're coming too)! 

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